Write for the love of it!

As a Writer, I find that creating sentences can be one of the most effective ways of bringing across what you need to say. Sometimes it’s better, because saying the words out of your mouth might cause them to lose their rightful meaning or even cause emotions in the listener that you never intended in the first place.

Think about why you want to bring the message in your mind, across. Who exactly do you need to read it and how will it benefit both you and that person? There has to be a point in what you write. At the end of each writing piece, there should at least be a level of satisfaction that makes you feel somewhat accomplished. If you’re not feeling that way at all, then you probably need to look it over and see where you went wrong.

Whenever I write, especially for clients, I reread my work over and over again, ensuring that it sounds very good to me before sending it off. If it doesn’t, I will either change some parts of it, or start over the whole process. Writing is beautiful and should be treated respectfully. Not every person in the world possess this art, but those who do should embrace it, make the best of it. You can’t afford to leave Earth without ever using the gifts that God blessed you with. It isn’t fair to Him, the people who are waiting to read your writings, or you. You would have ultimately cheated on life itself, a sin too unforgivable to commit.

Our hearts many times tug us to follow the path to greatness, but we often think that the path doesn’t necessarily lie in the gifts and talents we possess. We believe it even more when small minded people around us tell us that our gift isn’t worth much. They’d often encourage us to try something else, something that the crowd is doing, because that’s the only way to make it. NONSENSE. God gave us all talents to be used to get increase, not to sit around and do nothing with it.

If you’re a Writer like myself, start writing your book and ignore the naysayers. The people with limited thinking will never grow. The people with limited thinking will never be rich. The people with limited thinking will never live in the bountifulness of great increase. Don’t be one of them. Use your talent. It glorifies God and enriches your beautiful life. I’m sure that if you’re a genuine Creative Writer, there’s no way you could live a fulfilled life, unless you write!

So here’s some advice. If you’re not ready to write your own book and need a little approval before starting out, here’s a good way to go about it. Become a Freelancer! Write for other people and you’ll see how excited they’re going to be over the work you’ve produced! Don’t know how to do online freelancing? That’s okay. I was trained to be a top notch freelancer by the Internet Income Jamaica Team in Kingston, Jamaica, owned and operated by Alicia Lyttle, Lorette Lyttle and Andrew Reid. This team has been helping hundreds upon hundreds of Jamaicans, both employed and unemployed, to make money online with their skills and talents. Check them out now!

In closing, I encourage you, stay close to people who will help you grow and eliminate friends who will restrict you from achieving your goals. Good things don’t come to those who wait like they taught us, good things come to those who work hard for what they want, regardless of what the people around them have to say. What’s the sense in having faith, if you don’t plan to do any work? God already gave us the tools we need to not just survive, but overcome. Are you willing to start working?


Ieasha Gordon

CEO and Founder, The Best Creative Writer